{Poetry} Free As a Bird

 Bird Cage

Of all the many things you’ve done and long to do, have you ever written – or dreamed of writing – poetry?!

In my teen years and early twenties, I loved writing poems. I loved being able to express so many emotions in words that (sort of. mostly!) flowed.

And to begin with one emotion or idea and let it become whatever it was destined to be, a poem that expressed so much more than what it started as.

My love of writing poetry was mostly inspired by my classroom days of reading Dolly magazine’s “Poet’s Corner” with a school friend the minute we got hold of the latest issue!

Like my taste in music, I have to be honest and admit there’s nothing classy or classical about my poetic inspiration. I’d never win any literary awards, let’s put it that way!!

But I loved it. Loved the whole process of creating a new poem. And the way it allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings.

I stopped writing poetry – stopped writing at all - in my late twenties. But lately the longing to express myself with poetry is resurfacing.

Who knows? Maybe one day soon I can share a recent poem with you!

But for now, this poem is one I wrote a long time back, one that’s been on my mind for the past few weeks.

As 2013 begins and I’m starting to think about all I want to achieve, and how I might do that, I have a little (possibly big!) fear that another year will pass with me being too busy to really pursue my dreams.

I worry that I might be trapped doing work that doesn’t bring me joy. And that I won’t have time for the work that brings me huge amounts of joy and happiness.

For me, this poem expresses all that and more.




Would you call me a butterfly?

Beautiful and free

Restless but in motion

What a sight to see!

Or would you say I’m a bird?

Born with wings to fly

But trapped in a cage

Where I can’t see the sky.

Would you hold me each night

And believe in my dreams?

Would you unlock the cage

So I know what freedom means?


The beautiful thing about poetry is:  it can mean whatever you want it to!



Image source:  flickr user AisforAmy91

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