February Creative Challenge: Subway / Word Art (and last month’s Fabric Hoops)

Despite the very best of intentions to have this post written and published in the first week of February, it seems life – as it so often does – had other plans!

It’s been a few weeks of emotional ups and downs here since my last post.

At the beginning of the month my daughter started high school, which has meant a new routine, a few anxious moments (for both of us!) and the need for me to be a few steps ahead again with washing, planning school lunches and organizing swimming classes, dinners etc.

And then on Monday, we farewelled my beautiful Grandma, who lived an amazing 98 years, but passed away last week on Valentine’s Day. 10 children, 44 grandchildren and 44 great grandchildren! Her life was certainly an inspiration, and I’m grateful to her for her love and for the precious times we spent with her.

My own wonderful memories of my grandma include having her teach me to both knit and crochet. Although I don’t do much of either these days, they’re skills I’ll always have, and I’m so grateful that she shared her love for these with me.

What I didn’t need this week was to also discover my blog had been hacked, for the second time this year. But yep, that happened too. Fortunately there was no serious disruption to the blog, but it’s certainly an unsettling feeling and required emails, password changes, google searches etc.  – when all I really wanted to be doing was getting this post written!

So, do you remember my January Creativity Challenge?

I was so excited to get my fabric hoops made just a day or two after writing that post.

Although I’ve been wishing that I had a really good camera (not just a mobile phone) to take my photos with…

and painted walls, to make my hoops look a little more exciting…

and even wondering if I should have used brighter fabrics, like the hoops that first inspired me

As you can see, that’s how easily perfectionism has played it’s part in keeping me from creating a home I truly love!

But the beauty of these fabric hoops is that they were so quick and easy to create. Once we had our embroidery hoops, a selection of fabrics (which the kids helped me choose at our local quilting & fabric shop), and a hot glue gun (oh, and a decent, sharp, pair of scissors to cut away the excess fabric) these probably took less than an hour to make.

If I do decide down the track that I’d like to change the fabrics, or make some more, I know that it will be amazingly easy to do.

And although they’re not bright and full of colour, I do love the fabrics. You can’t tell from the above photo, but the top brown patterned fabric and the plain blue at the bottom are both a soft fine corduroy. I’m even thinking of making some matching cushions with what was left over. The patterns and textures are gorgeous!

So what am I going to do with the adjacent wall? For now, it’s empty – aside from the two small photos of our children, stuck unframed with blu-tak!

Looking at that wall now, and around the rest of our house, I’m very happy to be at the beginning of these creativity challenges. The many months ahead will give me time and opportunity to decorate these bare walls.

So what will February’s creative challenge be?

There are so many beautiful projects to be found, particularly on Pinterest, where I have to admit I’ve been getting a whole lot distracted recently. (It’s research, I swear!)

For this month I’ve chosen the challenge of creating at least one frame of Subway Art or Word Art, using either an inspirational quote (or collection of quotes) or maybe some ‘family rules’.

If you haven’t heard of Subway Art before, here are some of my favourite examples:

You can see the rest of my Subway Art inspiration here on Pinterest.

There are so many different ways to create subway art (some quicker than others!), including:

  • using pre-made printables, either framed or glued to MDF board
  • purchasing pre-made or custom vinyl art
  • painting the words onto a painted board using contact stencils or a projector
  • creating your own Word Art in a program such as Picasa or Photoshop and have it printed.

Being somewhat time poor, I suspect I’ll be having a go at the Photoshop option, having the result printed and mounted onto a painted MDF board. (I’ll try to take some decent photos along the way so that you can see the process.)

If you’d like to have a go at creating your own Subway Art this month, here are some great printables and tutorials that you can use:


Subway Art Printables

Subway Art Tutorials

Would you like to join me in creating Subway Art for your home this month?

Which style of subway art would you like to try? Would you use a quote? Some family rules? Or maybe a collection of words that mean something to you and your family?

If you do have a go at creating your own Subway Art, don’t forget to come back and share a photo, either here in the comments, or over at The Inspired Notebook Facebook page! (Your January Creative Challenge results can be shared there too!)

Happy creating!



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