A Little Bit of Green Smoothie Love! (& Some Great Recipe Links)

GSCroppedBlogIf you’re anything like me, I bet you spend your life trying to do way too many things.

All at once.

Or worse, yesterday!

And often running out of the energy and enthusiasm that you need to get it all done.

Your super-productive days are probably few and far between.

Most days are average as far as productivity goes.

And then, of course, you have a few definite shockers!

Does that just about sum it up for you? I know it does for me.

Whether we’re busy mums, aspiring entrepreneurs, working part-time or full-time, it seems all of us have lives that are a serious juggling act.

So it helps to have a few tricks up our sleeves to help us make the most of our days and get through our ‘To-Do’ lists with a little more ease.

My own very favourite productivity trick is simple:

Start the day with a BIG, DELICIOUS


When I start my day with a gorgeous green smoothie (also often affectionately known as a ‘Green Monster’!) - made by blending two or three of my favourite fruits with a big handful of baby spinach or kale and a little water - here’s just a glimpse of the green smoothie goodness I get:

  • So much more energy & enthusiasm
  • More mental clarity & alertness
  • A much happier outlook
  • So much more crossed of my ‘To-Do’ list for the day!!

That’s without even mentioning the health and weight loss benefits of a daily green smoothie habit, that you can read more about here.

Which is why - despite the craziness of that never-ending list of things to do! - I’ve started working on a gorgeous green smoothie ebook project.

I absolutely adore my green smoothies! And I’m always happy to share them with anyone who wants to know – and sometimes people who didn’t even know they wanted to know!!

So I’m putting together an ebook to share all the gorgeousness of green smoothies: the recipes, the benefits, the tips, and stories from a collection of inspiring & generous green smoothie enthusiasts.

It’s an ebook that will also raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia), to assisit with the beautiful work they’re doing for women.

While I’m working on my ebook, I hope to do a 14-day green smoothie challenge – to start my day with a gorgeous blended green drink every day for  fourteen days. That should keep me productive!

Hopefully it will also get me back to making my green smoothies a daily habit.  I have to admit that I’ve slipped a bit since I wrote my first green smoothie post, to just a few times a week, not every day.

It should be a great opportunity to try out some new recipe combinations. Follow me on Facebook if you’d like to see the results as I go along!

And if you want to know where to start to find some great green smoothie recipes (while you’re waiting for a copy of my gorgeous ebook!!), here’s where I’ll be heading for some new combinations to try:

10 Great Green Smoothie Recipe Links!

I ‘m looking forward to gathering a few local smoothie & juice loving friends (and kids) to taste test some new green smoothie combinations with me. I’ll make sure our own favourite combinations are included in my gorgeous green smoothie ebook!

What about you?

Already enjoying the many benefits of green smoothies?? Share your own favourite recipe, or any green smoothie tips, in the comments below. I”ll try it out and may even include your original recipe or tip in the ebook (of course I’ll ask you first!).

Not a green smoothie fan? (Yet!!!) Find a recipe to try this week. Leave a comment here to let me know how you go! (For some ingredient ideas and instructions on how to make your green smoothie, check out my earlier post.)

And make sure you sign up using the form below so I can let you know more about the ebook and when it’s available!

Sending a whole lot of green smoothie love your way,



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